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Scaleter is looking for good music!

Have you ever wondered how many musicians are out there in the world?

Many... And because of technology development, the web is flooded with music.
Therefore selection needs to be done, so that we get to our hand what we "think" is good music.
In fact, music selection has been done all along, up to the last years, but for different reasons. They were all shut down with globalization.
And here's another problem the music industry has to go through (one of so many) - Have you noticed that there are less and less role model musicians? We rely on previous ones, those who still remain from past generations.

Well, this is where Scaleter's Choice comes in. Not to change the world. Not to turn directions of music industry. What was is not coming back again. Things are changing and there's nothing we can do about it. But we can give more air to breath for all of you musicians out there who still hold music with good faith.
Scaleter's Choice is going to collect a very small pile of works to give them a stage, to shout out what we think is good and should be heard.
If you put effort on creating music and you think it's good, send it to us. Don't hesitate. We love good music and we will listen to everything we get.

Each week we'll select one track and write about it!
Got a new song? instrumental? Every genre is welcome!
It has to be yours and it has to be new (From Jan2018).
tell us about your track and it might be the one to enter our selection.
Your link to the track, and artist name would be enough for now.
If the lyrics are not in English, please write a translation.

Press here to write us!

Music matters in many ways. We know it and we want to give credit to musicians who make effort to create music.
The review will get a special spot here in and will be viewed by so many many people!
Some of them are music listeners, some are musicians, some come from the music industry, like producers, music companies, bloggers and more. Some might be your future fans!

The choices will be very selective since only one song is published each week.
If you think you have something good in your hands, don't miss the chance!

Press here to write us!