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Never Be Mine / Annmarie Cullen

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The artist I'm going to present this time has given me another proof that second, third and more listening reveals special elements which weren't noticeable at first.
I would like you to use earphones for this play because gentle occurrences are a main character in this Scaleter's Choice. There's a dominant guitar but we're about to discover a richer track than we could imagine.

This is Never Be Mine by Annmarie Cullen. I'll talk more after the play button. Lets put our earphones, detach from the rest of the world for 3 minutes and enjoy.

Never Be Mine cover

Never Be Mine / Annmarie Cullen
Never Be Mine cover

Never Be Mine / Annmarie Cullen

Oh, It serves me right
Oh, It had to happen sometime
I fell in love
But someone didn't want to be mine

I, I saw the signs
But I, I chose to be blind
I fell in love
But someone didn't want to be mine

Oh you gave it a shot, yeah you gave it a shot
Coz you like me a lot, yeah, you like me a lot
Yeah you gave it a shot, yeah you gave it a shot
Coz you like me a lot, yeah, you like me a lot
But you can't feel love if it's not
And i never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever
Felt less hot..

I, I blurred the lines
Coz i, thought i'd convince you in time
But I
I'm still in love
With someone who will never be mine

Annmarie is originally from Dublin, lived in United States and moved to Barcelona in 2016, where she wrote this song.
It seems that she already have lots of music experience, being co-lead in a band called Saucy Monkey, working with Disney and Warner Chappell and writing songs for TV and films. With all that she releases this very fresh new, soft and sober song.

I'm sure we all can identify with Never Be Mine at some point of our lives. Annmarie delivered to me a sense of knowledgeable desperation in a very accurate way. She passed through all boundaries of my insides right to my soul, like a finger touch. It was her voice mostly and a simple sharp line - You can't feel love if it's not.

Sometimes the simplest words are the most touching, if you know how to do it. You need to have it. There's no other way. Annmarie has it.
I call it love wisdom. To me she is very conscious of the situation. She passed it already and giving it to us after she dealt with the happenings. A feeling I could left with for long, and not needing anything else.

Scaleter's Notes

Still, for the sake of analysis, I would like to point out two musical contributions in the song.

  • Soft rich fill

  • Annmarie wrote me she wanted to write a guitar song. Her strumming is loud and clear indeed but if you take a careful listen like I did you will hear so much more.
    A soft bass line comes and goes, soft bass drum, strings doing high pitch harmony and a far away electric guitar is evident to exist. You will gradually realize that I like far away parts, exist on their own without much notice.

  • Illusion in music, like in text

  • Taking a close look at the guitar part in the beginning , we can notice such a staggering incident.
    For the second chord of the song, the bass changes one bit before its time (0:05). For the third chord, the treble string is like compensating the incident and comes one bit later(0:10). For the fourth chord, comes the early bass again(0:14).

    A change to a normal bit in the chords during the verse is suggesting that it was deliberate. Strengthening that idea is the return of the bass bit change (0:48). And I could swear I feel the same change in the dynamics of Annmarie's guitar playing.
    This somewhat illusion connects me to the Lost cause of loving someone who is never going to be mine. Damn...

    Take a look at Annmarie's website

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    Annmarie Cullen