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Here is where music is sky, wrapping us inside. , When we look up, we'll see our answers and unanswered questions, our doubts, decisions and feelings. It has it all and will lead us till the end.
Welcome! To those who came for a visit and know what I mean and those who, I wish, will get there. It's an adventure and I envy you for being on your way.

We have another Scaleter's Choice to present and I'm so happy to witness a growing amount of visitors. It's exciting! Tell your friends we're here, share your experience with the world. And to the musicians among us, we at Scaleter's Choice would like to hear your new music. We select few songs we like, analyze and write about them and promote their artists by doing so. So send us your songs!

I know I usually focus on a song but this onetime exception I am focusing on a person. Because this story is about an incredibly gifted musician who won't have the chance to send a song to Scaleter's Choice. The life of Garet Lee needs to be told, and this is a very right spot for it.

Garet Lee Garet Lee

Garet Lee (1990-2018) was a true musician from Calgary, Canada. He wrote and composed addicting songs as you will realize by yourselves. But I think that his strongest tool to penetrate into our hearts is found in his voice. Ladies and gentlemen, believe me when I tell you that we are witnessing a voice that is one of a million. Garet sang like an angel, and singing like an angel is unique. I know you're exposed to very good singers every day on radio stations and tv reality shows. I hear them too and I'm an experienced musician myself. Still, Garet naturally put out a beautiful heavenly voice.

So much potential there was in it and it comes up to me every time I hear one of his songs. Unfortunately it is left as a potential only, since Garet passed away on October 2018.
I invite you to listen to one of his very few songs, the first song of Garet which I came across with and touched my heart right at that moment. It's called Paris in May.

Those songs can be found only on Soundcloud at the moment. Garet hadn't had the chance to publish them more over.
After I heard that song I knew I wanted to collaborate with Garet on one of my own songs. I wrote him, he agreed with no hesitation and that's how I got to know him.

Hearing Garet's singing and reading the lyrics, I gather two things. One is that Garet was in a journey of search. The other is that he had a romantic approach to life and to moments, just like my view. That is why I feel like I connected to him so strongly through music.

Where did those creations come from? I did a small research talking to Monique, Garet's mother. She told me about his inspirations. It seems that Garet already grew in a musical family. His father was a drummer and writes songs himself. They played to Garet various music genres, so Garet was exposed in early age to many of them. He liked many artists. The verve, Graham Nash, Sting, System of a Down and many more. He used to do duets with his sister, singing harmonies and at the age of seventeen learned to play the guitar almost by himself.

Let me take you to another song which Garet recorded, a song of Coldplay that wasn't released, called Wedding Bells. There is a live performance in Youtube of Chris Martin of that song, done with piano alone.
I would love you to hear both versions and see how unique atmosphere Garet put into it. Just the right one. If no one would have corrected me, I would be sure it wasn't a cover but Garet's song. If only I could get Chris Martin to hear this. Anyone can help?
Here is Garet's version.

Scaleter's Notes

On Scaleter's Notes I point out special music elements that are worth noticing.

  • Less means more

  • Garet, in his creations, constantly used few elements in his tracks. It means that the trait of minimalism, as far as I noticed, was deliberate. I'm sure he had the options to fill up his tracks, but it seems that his natural approach was using natural sources that were in hand.

    Take previous track, "Paris in May" as an example. We hear only guitar throughout the whole song and as an addition, Garet whistles as an instrument melody. And while doing so, there's an addition of a harp sound decorating the empty space in between. Just these two small additions fill up the song and giving us the feeling of a strengthening, without noticing how minimal the use of elements is.
    There is a very thin line between being able to pull it out and not, and Garet had the right skills for it, again, naturally and elegantly, like a pro producer.

    There is a thing I will remember from Garet from an unknown reason. Garet liked reverb on his voice. I had a small chat with him about that and I remember one time when I sent him to hear his vocals in my song, before mastering, he asked politely to see that his voice wouldn't be too dry.

    Even though I wasn't keen on reverbs in vocals at that time, I figured that it could work for that song so I fulfilled his request, adding more reverb to his vocals. I remember him being very happy I did it. I'm feeling relieved having done it. Remembering him like that.

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