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The Application
The Application
The Application
The Application
The Application




And what is the Scaleter ?

It is a composition tool, made for intermediate musicians and music students - Those who already have basic knowledge about scales and harmony, those who study harmony analysis and those who make music!

The Application

The Scaleter, presented in the middle, is an algorithm made to reveal the participating scales of each chord. It is quite a simple algorithm which I made. Even though, it spares us from going over all scales, looking for one that would match our chord. We get all the data within a click of a mouse.

It's just great! It leaves our minds concentrated on analysing and composing. It makes our composing a lot more accessible, and the big plus - It's fun to work with!

More tools beside the Scaleter:


  Simple Scale Notifier

To the left of the Scaleter is a piano keyboard showing all twelve notes in an octave with their names on the keys. Pressing a note will give you the list of notes that are participating in a major and a minor scale. This tool handles the melody side of music and helps us consider the notes in the scale we play, for solo play or for decorations in between harmonies! It fabulously adds to the role of the scaleter.


  Interactive Circle of Fifths

Focusing on the Scaleter has taken our attention away from another beautifully working tool - the interactive circle of fifths. Here we have all major and their parallel minor scales in fifths order. Every press gives us all the chords we can create from the notes of the scale we have chosen. This completes to the composition tools as a full working environment!

What's coming next?

fa  An improved version of the softwares will show up!

Musicians who buy one of the softwares now, will recieve future versions with no charge!

fa  I'm writing a new article called "The Elegance/Non-elgance of scale change in Harmony use".
This article will explain how changing chords shapes the harmony change. It will explain more clearly to you the benefits of the Scaleter.

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